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In Touch  2018

60 min | Polish/Icelandic | Feature Documentary | Pawel Ziemilski 

The Polish village of Stare Juchy has been pulled apart. A third of the population left to work in Iceland, and those who stayed behind—most of them from the older generation—are hoping for their return. But by now their children and grandchildren are settling into new lives on the other side of Europe. The distance separating them is great and the journey expensive, so they don’t get to hug each other very often. The best alternative is intensive contact by Skype.

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Producers Lukasz Dlugolecki, Haukur M. Hrafnsson Co-producer Anton Máni Svansson 

Cinematography Filip Drożdż Editing Dorota Wardęszkiewicz | Sound Design Piotr Kubiak | Music Árni Valur Kristinsson, Martina Bertoni 

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